Learn French online

with the best rated school

in the South of France

Our online French courses are very much appreciated 
by our students. They are taught by teachers from 
our French school based in the South of France.

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French test and analysis of your objectives

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"We are the best rated school in the South of France"

Placement in a class that corresponds to your level

Group courses with exercises on our e-Learning platform

We have always given priority to the quality of teaching and to conviviality

Our courses of French as a foreign language are designed to allow you to progress at your own pace and according to your specific objectives.

You will develop the essential skills to master the French language: oral expression, conjugation, grammar, syntax, phonetics... You will do it in an optimized way thanks to our teachers who get great feedback!

Everything is there to make your apprenticeship go as smoothly as possible...

New session starting every Monday

(except for complete beginners)

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15 hours of group lessons per week

(plus private tuition in the afternoon if you wish)

Unlimited access to our e-Learning platform

(more than 2,000 exercises available. Teacher coaching)

Delivery of a certificate at the end of the course

(hours taken, type of course and level achieved)

04:00 pm - 05:30 pm

Program of the day and instructions.

Lessons and exercises on the e-Learning platform + teacher coaching

From Monday to Friday at French Time

Every morning: international group class

Group lessons by videoconference with your teacher

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

10:15 am – 11:15 am

Program of the day 
and  instructions.

Lessons and exercises 
on the e-Learning platform 
+ teacher coaching

9:15 am – 10:15 am

Group lessons by  videoconference with  your teacher

A typical 3-hours session will be organized as follows*

How does a group class work? Examples

Afternoon Course

Morning Course

For us, what matters most is the satisfaction of our students.

We bet that you will tell your friends and family about our French courses. We want you to be satisfied.

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Testimonial of Justin (USA)

My first experience with online classes (zoom) was during this period of lockdown with LSF -Language School France. My highest compliments go to the entire staff at LSF for operating, as we say in the USA, a “well oiled machine”!
My Professor, Antoine, successfully managed a class of 4 to 8 students of all ages from multiple continents, online through the zoom classroom. The TooFrench e-learning platform is unprecedented - an amazing study tool that has been so intricately fine-tuned.
The staff at LSF are extremely organized and have been quite accommodating during my time studying with them.

Testimonial of Maren (USA)

(...) I have enjoyed the variety of class options and the teachers are creative and skilled. The teachers also incorporate cultural learnings into our daily French lessons such as popular French music, history, art, humor, and entertainment. The school administration is friendly, responsive and approachable. (...)

Testimonial of Vanessa

(...) en mi opinión, son unas clases interactivas muy divertidas, que
te permiten seguir en contacto con el francés y avanzar poco a poco según el nivel en el que cada alumno se encuentre, favoreciendo el aprendizaje a través de las distintas herramientas propuestas por el profesor, la plataforma en línea, los recursos de la escuela, así como las distintas actividades que KLF nos ofrece a lo largo de la semana.

Find the option that suits you best

Group courses

8 students maximum (6 on average)

Private tutoring

You and you alone, but never completely by yourself

DELF-DALF preparation

Your passport for studies in France

Practical French workshops

Learning in a relaxing mode

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Our team takes care of everything!

If you have any question, we are here to inform you and guide you through your choices.

Emmanuelle lived for a year in Australia and has travelled to many countries. Emmanuelle is the first person you will contact if you register online. If you come to Montpellier (which would be great), you'll probably meet her on the water as she does stand up paddle...

        Luca born in Italy, of Argentinean origin, has        lived and worked in Italy, Spain, England and France. He has been living in Montpellier for 6 years. Passionate about travels, music, football and       cooking. Along with Emmanuelle, he is the 
person you will first be in contact with if you 
register online.

Why we are unique!

We are the only solution that is entirely dedicated to learning French. Our added value is the union of 3 schools based in France (Annecy and Montpellier) and an e-Learning platform that offers you nearly 2,000 exercises. 
Courses are given by teachers from our schools. This is a guarantee of pedagogical performance.

A team of fantastic teachers!

Message from the Director of Studies LSF - KLF

“LSF’s commitment: to accurately assess each student’s entry level and remain attentive to the objectives expressed by them, in order to offer a learning experience that is adapted to their needs. We carefully monitor the progress of our students throughout their journey in the French language. We only recruit experienced and creative, competent and enthusiastic teachers who know how to make their French lessons coherent, stimulating, enjoyable and fun."










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Your certificate of completion

It matters to us because we know it matters to you…

*When our students try our online courses, they get hooked. They love us. All of our students' reviews are on Facebook and Google. They're glowing. 😁

Our numbers clearly speak (French) for themselves

Every week, we send a satisfaction questionnaire to our students. Here are the results, which encourage us to continue this way






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Join our community of learners, learn French and exchange with learners from all over the world, enrich yourself with a foreign culture. Treat yourself.

*The schedule indicated is in the time zone of Paris, France (UTC +2)

Every afternoon: international group class

 Our courses are highly appreciated by our students. 


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